Fois is Back!


I find it ironic that I was never really that into fois gras until everyone started talking about the ban in early 2012. Then all of a sudden, I was savoring every last bite that I could get until that very sad day, when we could no longer procure it in California. Anytime I went out of state, I would nearly bend over backwards to indulge in the rich, savory delicacy. Recently, I had even considered bringing some back, across country with me!

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Ramen Time!


As a result of all of the rain and cold weather that we had in December, I had been craving for a bowl of spicy ramen. Lucky for me, I have a girl friend who’s always up for a bowl. I had been wanting to go back to Ramen Dojo; however, she had recommended Ramen Parlor (901 S B St., San Mateo, CA 94401), which was just down the street, so we gave it a try.

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