You’ll often read about how I compare Southern California to Northern California or how I reminisce about the good eats available in So Cal. Here’s the beginning of another one of those… so one of the first things that I missed from Los Angeles was the myriad of options of Korean food, including inexpensive, good quality all-you-can-eat bbq. Even though there is a Koreatown in the Bay Area, it’s nothing like it is in LA. You can get your fix of your Korean favorites, but for a premium, and it still doesn’t quite taste the same.

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SF Restaurant Week


When I lived in LA, I was always excited about Restaurant Week. So after I moved to the Bay Area, I was excited to partake in the specials. Unfortunately, I was abruptly disappointed by the options San Francisco’s Dine About Town. Turns out, it had historically not been a great program and great restaurants didn’t want to participate. A couple of years ago, the management company for the program changed, in hopes of improving it, and renamed it to SF Restaurant Week.¬†However, large overhauls in order to gain traction take baby steps to achieve… Continue reading →