Duck, Duck…


It never ceases to amaze me, on how I find new restaurants to try. I usually read about places that make top lists or just opened. But a recent adventure (it actually happened 2 months ago now) was because this restaurant was closing. BayWolf, an East Bay classic, has been around just as long as Chez Panisse, but only made it on my radar early this summer. Continue reading →

Dim Sum, But Not


So if it’s not Chinese, how can it be dim sum? Or should I call it tapas instead? But State Bird Provisions (1529 Fillmore Street, San Francisco CA 94115 describes their experience as passed dishes, dim sum style. So we live in California, and it’s the Bay Area, we can get away with calling it just about anything, right?

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I always used to think that omakase referred only to sushi meals, like the ones I’ve had at Sasabune or Sushi Zo, as that was my first introduction to the concept. While in the U.S., the term is traditionally used to reference the Edomae style of preparation, what we know as omakase, is just one of many variations. It wasn’t until I visited Kusakabe (584 Washington St., San Francisco, CA 94111) that I learned that there are many styles out there, and each has it’s own unique characteristics.

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My House? Your House?

wpid-20150619_203352.jpgIt amazes me everytime I’m introduced to a restaurant that’s been around for a while, that I’ve never heard of. I thought I kept up to date with all of the Bay Area hotspots, but apparently not! Recently, I was meeting up with an old co-worker, who introduced me to The House (1230 Grant Ave., San Francisco, CA 94133), located in San Francisco’s North Beach neighborhood.

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